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Years of sitting in my Goa garden watching the birds coming to drink from the birdbaths which I put out, gave me the idea of filming. Later when I met birdwatchers on short trips to Goa with heavy photographic equipment, I realized that as a birder who lives in Goa with plenty of time on his hands, I have the opportunity to catch many of the special birds of South India on video, and can get very close to birds without the use of a hide. I have also discovered many hidden spots in the local forests that would be a dream for every bird photographer.

In spring 2010 I learned that a childhood friend, Ketan, had become a professional filmmaker, and it did not take long to get him hooked on my idea. We started with filming the birds of the forests and gardens of the coastal belt of Goa. We are planning on filming the wetland birds of Goa and following that, the birds of the Western Ghats. In later projects we hope to cover other parts of India and the world, wherever we can establish contacts with lodge owners.

Filming Nature is a site dedicated to low-budget wildlife photography and filming, with the emphasis on filming. The main drive of our work is our love of nature and the will to preserve as much wildlife as possible in a world where less and less room is left for the beauty of nature.

Our passion is bird watching. Right now we are covering a project that deals with birds in Goa. We spent two months filming in the hot season of 2010 (April and May) and three months in 2011 (mid January to April), covering many species of birds in gardens, forests and wetlands. We will upload as many videos as we can of each bird see our video section. At the moment we have around 200 species filmed and are regularly uploading more videos of these.

We make room for articles covering various aspects (ecology/conservation/tips for visitors) of the subjects we are working on. As filming is part of our passion, we discuss the technical aspect of filming wildlife, and particularly birds.

As we want to be an open community for people who share our love and passion for wildlife, we are welcoming anyone who wants to contribute in any way to our work. We invite you to present stills, videos or thoughts on our site and articles on relevant subjects will be most welcome. A link to a website and a proper credit will be given to anyone who wishes it.

Goan birds are our main work at the moment but we plan to expand our work to different parts of India in the future and also cover wildlife in different parts of the world. You can see some work that we did in Peru in 2010.

We hope that this website will be an inspiration for anyone who has a love and passion for wildlife and wild life photography.

Please contact us via our mail info@filmingnature.com

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