Hulla Valley

The Hulla valley is located in the northern side of the reef valley, this marsh land is a transit spot for over 500 million birds two times a year. over 390 different spices from water birds to predators making there way between Europe to Africa and back.

Among the birds that are making there way over to the Hulla valley is the common crane. in autumn times about 1000000 cranes are passing through the valley and about a quarter of them spend the winter in the lake.

This film was shot in the end of november 2010, using the JVC GY-201 and a Sigma 100-300
Zoom lens.

This movie was shot a year later just before the cranes are about to leave the valley, this time I've used the Panasonic AF-101 with a sigma lens 150-500 and a two time extender.

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