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We'll bring you on an incredible journey of discovery into the amazing world of Goan forest birds.

Over 400 species of birds

With over 400 species recorded in Goa, with good infrastructure and good connection of international and domestic flights, Goa has become in the last 15 years one of the top destination for birders around the world. Winter (November to March) is considered as the best season in Goa and a keen birdwatcher should expect to see 250 species in two weeks, if he covers the coastline forests, the wetlands and the Western Ghats. Photographers can get relatively close to birds as in Goa people do not hunt birds for the pot.

Great photographic experience

At Filming Nature, we specialize in guiding photographers and filmmakers. We operate throughout the year and we specially recommend people if they want the special resident and endemic birds, to come in the hot season, April to early June, as the birds are more approachable at this time.

Magic water plates network

We have a network of water plate spread around different parts of the coast line forest. These plates attract many birds, especially in the hot season when water resources dry out, at times the action around those plates is more like a bird party and a heaven for photographers.

Filming birds in India

Bird photographers and filmmakers have different demands compared to birdwatchers. In Africa, photographic safaris are well established, but little is done in this way in India. We have established a network of hides and water-plates in strategic places around Goa and we are taking individuals and small groups on photographic tours. We usually operate on mornings and afternoons, but we can arrange trips for a few days to Karnataka. Our operations change all the time, so please contact us for latest news.

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