The Team

Born in Israel in 1964. From an early age, Ketan had an interest in wildlife and filmmaking. Graduated from Tel-Aviv University with a BA in Philosophy and Classical Culture. Travelled to different parts of the world.

While living in India he produced 2 short movies with a group of friends: The first one is called Zen Spoon which is an adaptation of short Zen stories. It was screened in the Goa Spiritual Film Festival. The second movie is called The Bullet. It is a comedy about travelling across India on an Enfield Bullet motorbike. This film turned into a cult movie soon after it was released. All films were made on an extremely low budget. I've also worked on small projects in India and around the world. The latest project is a film, which covers the coastal forest birds of Goa.

Born in Israel in1964. David started birding at the age of ten. In his teenage years he associated with top Israeli birders like Ehud Dovrat and Hadoram Shirhai and gained a lot of experience.

In 1979 he was part of the group that discovered the Autumn’s Raptor Migration route in the west of Israel and in 1981 was the first person to complete the full survey of that migration.

In 1987 David arrived in India. He fell in love with Goa and was visiting every winter. In 2001 he took permanent residence in Goa and in 2005 built his house in Assagao village near Anjuna, where he lives with his wife heleen . David has travelled all over India on a quest for birds. Every year in autumn he goes to Kangra valley in the West Himalaya, combining bird watching with paragliding. He believes flying together with golden eagles and bearded vultures to be the ultimate in birding!

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